Sunday, October 19, 2008

Touch and Reveal Challenge

Week after the week the challenges keep coming from Teachers Love SMART Boards. Last week's challenge was to create a SMART Notebook page/file that used the touch and reveal technique. When a shape or object is touched, it disappears, revealing the information underneath. I chose to create a world map activity that was used for identifying the 7 continents. As an extension, when the continent is clicked, a link takes the students to another page that includes pictures, links to learning activities, and a map game. The file proved so popular at the SMART Board with my students that I sent it to their workstations in the classroom so they could enjoy it in their free time.
My Notebook activity, Explore the Continents: A World Class Adventure, tied for first place in the weekly Best Classroom Application category. To download the file for your classroom, click here. To learn how to create this type of file, visit Teachers Love SMARTBoards.

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